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Dr. Kris McGrath, MD

Dr. Kris McGrath knew a change was coming. For years, medical reimbursements had been declining and patients were unhappy with the high cost of medical treatment. As the only doctor in his Allergy Immunology practice, Dr. McGrath and his medical technologist work long hours to provide care for close to 5,000 patients.

So, when the federal government began offering medical professionals financial incentives to transfer to Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Dr. McGrath decided the time was right. More than 27 years of paper files filled the cabinets in his office. Dr. McGrath knew EMR would help reduce overhead by creating an efficient and secure data storage option for his medical records. “And,” he said, “I wanted to get rid of all the handwriting.”

Why did he choose MIS Computer Healthcare? “That’s the only name Northwestern Memorial Hospital was recommending,” he said, “I went on blind faith.”

MIS representatives met with Dr. McGrath and evaluated his practice needs, made recommendations based on patient work flow, and installed the equipment:

Since the implementation, Dr. McGrath has made the transfer from paper to EMR for all of his patients. “MIS hasn’t failed me,” he said. “We haven’t had any equipment failures at all. One of my requests was to eliminate messy cables and my MIS project manager made sure that was taken care of, too.”

And, while maneuvering through governmental red tape has been rocky at times, Dr. McGrath says choosing MIS Computer Healthcare for this transition made the process much less stressful. “The MIS risk assessment component helped make sure I had everything covered and in order leading up to attestment for Meaningful Use,” he said. “I’m supposed to get my first check on Valentine’s Day.”

“I’m very pleased with MIS Computer Healthcare. Things have run so smoothly, I would have trouble remembering where I put their phone number if I ever had to call them.”